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Top List of the Best Airdrop Sites for Desktop, iOS or Android

Attention! Please, install Brave Browser to get additional BAT tokens for using Top crypto Airdrops from the list below. Get Brave Now >  Check the Top airdrop sites list and top free crypto airdrops (2019 Update). In addition, our Top List of the Best Airdrop Sites is fully responsive for mobile devices like android or IOS. Moreover, you can read some reviews of the Top Free Crypto Airdrops and the Best Airdrop Crypto 2019 from the list below.

What Are Free Crypto Airdrops?

So, before you choose your best crypto airdrops from the list below, let's try to understand What are airdrops crypto & how they work?

Free crypto airdrops consist of sending free bitcoin satoshi or altcoins to promote various cryptocurrencies or tokens. In other words, you can receive small amounts of cryptocurrencies to your wallet addresses completely free.

top airdrop sites

Another form of crypto giveaways are crypto faucets (e.g. coinpot faucets) where you can claim small amounts of various digital assets for completing very simple tasks or watching ads. To clarify, you can also claim funds from PTC (paid to click) ads or btc games. Good example of Best PTC Site for BTC is Cointiply Faucet (Read Cointiply Faucet Review).

How Free Crypto Airdrops Work?

Usually, free crypto airdrops are promoted on the official websites for specific cryptocurrency or token. Other places with top airdrops sites are on forums or on websites comparing proven and legit airdrops crypto.

Sometimes users must have a certain minimum number of tokens to be able to receive free crypto airdrop giveaways.
A common form of free crypto airdrops is to publish content (posts) about the selected cryptocurrency on social media or on your own crypto airdrop website.

That is to say, there is huge competition among cryptocurrency creators and startups. Therefore, companies offer users free cryptocurrencie airdrops to stand out from other crypto companies. Consequently, this type of promotion can accelerate the rate of adoption of a given cryptocurrency. Users who receive tokens in the form of free crypto airdrops will eventually start trading them.

Ofcourse, some users keep the tokens received, while others start sending some of these tokens to the top cryptocurrency exchanges. The main purpose of sending free coins to the popular cryptocurrency exchanges is the need to invest and multiply them. So, if the volume (number of transactions on the exchange market) increases, then it can be said that a given cryptocurrency has gained speculative value.

Accordingly, there is an increase in the adoption of this cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the presence of cryptocurrency on the most-known exchange markets increases people's desire to learn about its use in technology. If in the future this cryptocurrency demonstrates high functionality in technology, then its adoption will increase.

NameTypeEarnings PossibilityStatusReviewAffiliate ProgramUser FriendlinessTasksSecurity LevelVisit
Brave Browser - One of the Top Airdrop Sites
Brave Airdrop - (You get tips for watching ads)
ACTIVECoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)
1 referral = 5 USD in BAT Tokens
Easy - High (2FA & Email Verification)Visit Now >
Coinpot - One of the Best Cryptocurrency Online Wallets
Faucet - Airdrop Crypto Every 5 minutes with 7 different faucets
ACTIVECoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)
1 referral = 50% Earnings from every claim on 7 different faucets
Easy - High (2FA & Email Verification)Visit Now >
Binance-Jersey-One of the Best-Airdrop-Exchange-Sites
Exchange - Bounty Airdrop Crypto for Singin up
ACTIVEBinance Exchange Review (4.7 / 5)
80% from referrals fees for every trade
Easy - High (2FA & Email Verification)Visit Now >
Binance-Jersey-One of the Best Bounty-Airdrops-Crypto-Site
Gaming-themed - Bounty Free Crypto Airdrops for Singin up
ACTIVE (4.5/5)
20 GX tokens for signup and 10 GX tokens for daily login
Easy - Medium (To withdraw your EX tokens to your ERC20 wallet, you must be a verified member)Visit Now >
Top free crypto airdrops ranking
Gaming-themed - Various kinds of Free Crypto Airdrops (Bounty, Holder, Faucet, Exchange)
ACTIVE (4.5/5)
Airdrop Alert's Pro- Plan and earn €2 per verified referral
Easy - Medium (To withdraw your ETH Earnings to your ERC20 wallet, you must confirm your email)Visit Now >

Meanwhile, You can Check a short Guide of using Best Airdrop Sites from the List above

So, below is a guide for easy using the Best Airdrop Sites for Cryptocurrencies and Top Airdrops Crypto List in 2019.

On the other hand, You should remember that you can also use our Top Cryptocurrency Airdrops Ranking on mobile phones.

In this paragraph, you will learn step-by-step on How to use the most recommended & most popular cryptocurrency airdrops from the ranking above.

  First of all, if you don't have cryptocurrency wallet, you can use one of the Top Crypto Online Wallet like Binance. In fact, this wallet is very useful for accumulate most popular altcoins and tokens from every top airdrop sites in the web. Binance is also one of the most popular Exchange in the world.

   The second fastest option for online wallet is Coinpot microwallet (Read Coinpot Review). In addition, Coinpot has one of the Best Faucet List in the world. Therefore, Coinpot has top crypto giveaways for few popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dashcoin (DASH) & Dogecoin (DOGE).  After that, You can transfer these funds to Binance online wallet and multiply them during trade on the Binance exchange.

The third, safest option is hardware wallet. Therefore, if you manage to multiply your cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange or on the Coinpot Faucets, you can transfer these funds to Ledger Nano hardware wallet.


To sum up, the best way for multiplay earnings from free crypto giveaways is to transfer its from Coinpot microwallet to the Binance Exchange & trade. Then, it is best to transfer the multiplied funds to the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet  to keep them there safely.

Step 1

 Top Crypto Airdrops

First of all, click below button to visit the most recommended crypto airdrop site from our Top Cryptocurrency Airdrop List.

Brave Airdrops give you the opportunity to accumulate free BTC & Altcoins like BAT.

To clarify, you'll get free crypto coins for using the Brave browser with the option to view ads. You can get 0.1 BAT (equivalent to $ 0.03) for just opening a pop-up ad in the Brave browser.

Step 2

Best Faucets Airdrops

Secondly, Click below button to visit the Top crypto faucet airdrops from our Top Airdrop sites Ranking.

Faucets Airdrops

You can also, read Top Crypto Faucets Review  to find out how Coinpot Faucets work.

You can also use Coinpot lottery & crypto converter to multiply Your profits from Coinpot Faucet Airdrops.

Step 3

Top Exchange Airdrops

Next, Click below button to check the Top crypto Exchange airdrops from our Best Airdrops Ranking.

Binance Airdrops

In fact, You can get airdrops profit for holding some cryptocurrencies like BNB (Binance Tokens) or TRX (Tron Coin). Moreover, You can receive Airdrops (commissions) from Referral users that you have redirected to the Binance Exchange with your Affiliate Link.

Step 6

Best Holder Airdrops

In addition You can earn free Altcoins from many other Holder Airdrops. Binance supports Airdrops such altcoins as: STRAT, XLM, WIN or JEX.

Binance Jersey >

For example, Binance Users must hold at least 10 XLM (Stellar) stake to get monthly airdrop.

To get free crypto from Binance Airdrops you just need to register on the Binance Exchange or Binance Jersey.

Then you need to deposit some BTC or other cryptocurrency to buy selected altcoins.

Step 5

Top Bounty Airdrops

Buounty is another type of giveaways besides Airdrops.  For example, to get a prize (bounty) in the form of crypto giveaway, you need to complete some few tasks. Therefore, Bounty Airdrops are slightly different from typical Airdrops.

Top Bounty Site

So, What is the difference between typical free crypto Airdrops and Bounty giveaways? Primarily, An airdrops crypto should be easy, while a bounty airdrops requires more work because of different tasks. In other words  crypto bounties require more work, so they are often more profitable!

Step 4

Best Airdrops Referral Programs

That is to say, there is a one website with the top airdrop list that offer 5% commision for each referral who sign up.

Referral Program

In addition, this website provides automatic notifications of the latest top free crypto airdrops sites. Moreover, airdrop alerts referral program is very user friendly.

Besides, most of the free crypto airdrops have their affiliate programs. All you have to do is invite users (referrals) to use the websites of various airdrop providers.

Learn from video guide about Best Airdrop Sites

How to find the best crypto airdrops online?

Brave Browser >

What are crypto airdrops?

How do I find top crypto airdrops?

How do I get airdrops from Crypto?

Can you make money from airdrops?

How to get profits from Crypto Airdrops and Avoid Scams

What are the best resources for finding out about top crypto airdrops 

What is the best way to take free crypto coins from top airdrops sites


Brave Browser Review & Video Guide 2019

Take a look at the Brawe Brovser Review!

Find out, Why Brave Browser Is Worth Your Attention.


Where to Find Top Crypto Airdrop Sites?

First of all, to take the first step in finding the most profitable crypto Airdrops you just need to look for them. And that's probably why you came to this website with a list of the best crypto Airdrops. On cryptoprofits24 website, we compile the best free crypto airdrops observed on various forums, websites and social media channels. Here you will learn that Airdrops giveaways have various forms such as:

Typical Airdrops

Faucet Airdrops

Holder Airdrops

Bounty Airdrops 

Referral Airdrops

So, take a look at the Best Crypto Airdrop Sites

Below is a list of the best crypto Airdrops that have been selected based on user experience. They collected the best reviews according to known ranking of cryptocurrency airdrops.

How Typical Airdrops Crypto Work

Thanks to them you get rewards from free crypto giveaways without performing any additional tasks.


What Are Faucet Top Airdrop Sites

For visiting this type of website, you only need to prove in a few seconds that you are not an online bot (e.g. solution of the captcha code). After taht, you can claim free BTC satoshi or Altcoins giveaways.


How Holder Airdrops work

Their name speaks for itself. In other words you can get free coins for long-term keeping of a specific cryptocurrency. These types of Airdrops often offer leading cryptocurrency exchanges or popular cryptocurrency wallets.

How Bounty Airdrops work

In short, to receive the reward for these crypto airdrops you need to complete some simple tasks. Usually, tasks for Bounty Airdrops are very simple. However, sometimes there are more than 5 tasks to complete. Therefore, Bounty crypto Airdrops are the most demanding, but also the most profitable.

How Referral Airdrops work

Obviesly, various types of referral programs can be very profitable. However, to bring many referrals to the specific crypto airdrop website, you must first meet some necessary conditions. Namely, you need to have free time and have a basic knowledge of few promotion techniques online. The easiest way to promote websites with crypto airdrops is undoubtedly the use of social media. Probably the most popular method is to add articles on the web about the specific airdrop site that you are promoting.

In other words it's about writing posts about the selected crypto airdrop and placing affiliate links that redirect the viewer to a specific webpage.
However, it must be said, that to enjoy a large number of users, you must have a basic knowledge about SEO. Understanding basic SEO techniques will help you to achieve your goal in terms of the large number of referrals.

On the other hand, most of the above-mentioned crypto airdrops providers offer profitable affiliate programs. So, don't wait and visit all Airdrops crypto from the list above and then choose the most suitable for You, to promote it on the web.