best-btc-ptc-sites Best BTC PTC Sites - Top PTC Websites that Paying in Crypto !

Attention! Please, install Brave Browser > to get additional BAT tokens for displaying notifications and ptc websites from the list below. In addition, our Best Btc Ptc Sites List is fully responsive. So you can use this crypto ptc sites on mobile devices! You can also use this bitcoin Ptc Websites on Desktop, Android & iOS! 

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Top Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Websites

Earn Free Bitcoin & Altcoin from PTC WEBSITES that paying in crypto !

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FaucetCoinPaymentSite TypeReviewMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal FeeVisit
DirectlyPTC Ads, Faucets
Games, Surveys
cointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)0.001 BTCNo Fee
Brave Faucet
Brave Browser FaucetDirectlyBrave
Coinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)no limit0.1% withdrawal
DirectlyPTC (4.5 / 5)0.0003 BTCNo Fee
BTC Clicks
DirectlyPTC (4.5 / 5)0.0001 BTCNo Fee
DirectlyOfferwalls, PTC (4.5 / 5)0.0007 BTC0.00025 BTC
DirectlyPTC (4.5 / 5)0.0002 BTCNo Fee
DirectlyPTC (4.5 / 5)0.0001 BTCNo Fee
DirectlyPTC Ads, Faucets
Mining, Surveys
(4.5 / 5)0.0003 BTCNo Fee

Brief Reviews of Top Crypto Ptc Sites


Cointiply Review in Brief

Probably, Cointiply is most popular faucet of the best BTC PTC sites in the world. Of course, Cointiply Faucet is not only the best crypto PTC site, but also a website that offering to earn on Games, Surveys & Offerwalls. In addition, the Cointiply website has a well-paid Referral program (25% passive income for each referral). It is also the most popular btc faucet site on the web.

How To Earn with Cointiply?

In fact, you can earn on bitcoin ptc websites, and you can withdraw funds in BTC and Dogecoins. Consequently, it is very easy to find a lot of positive reviews about Cointiply on popular websites or social networks (eg. Review of cointiply on Reddit). After going to Cointiply you will see a very friendly interface, thanks to which you will quickly understand how to start getting passive income in crypto. According to Cryptoprofits24, Cointiply is one of the best desktop and android apps where withdrawals are fast and without any fees.

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Brave Review in Brief

How To Get Brave Browser Rewards? The above question about earning on Brave is now very hot topic. First of all, you must know, that Brave is not a typical faucet among crypto ptc sites.
Of course, thanks to Brave you can receive BAT tokens for clicking on the displayed notification. However, Brave Rawards operate on a slightly different principle than typical BTC PTC ADS.

How To Earn with Brave?

To clarify, in Brave you get rewards for displaying notifications from sites you choose. Therefore, the ads displayed in your Brave browser come from the websites you visit most often, because their content has some value for you. In addition, you can increase the frequency of ads serving in your Brave browser. In other words You can choose content publishers for showing notifications in Your Bat Browser. Besides, Brave offers passive income not only for displaying notifications. Another method to earn with Brave is a profitable referral program. Just write an article about Brave on the blog or record a video about Brave browser on the YouTube channel if you have one.

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AdsBtc Review in Brief

Most noteworthy, AdsBTC is a btc ptc website paying in bitcoins for survey promotions. To clarify AdsBtc has been online since 2016.
Furthermore, All paymants & withdraws on AdsBtc are in Bitcoin. That is to say, You can withdraw Your founds from AdsBtc when you have achieve 30000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC) in your dashboard balance.

How To Earn with AdsBtc?

So, You Surf ads in an active window.
Finally, The timer will start, after you click on the link in active window with a new crypto PTC website. Moreover, You must view the ad until the timer stops. After that, You can receive the BTC satoshis immediately on Your AdsBtc account.
The other way to earn more BTC from Ads-Btc Ptc Websites is their referral program. Invite other users to join the AdsBtc Ptc site and earn 10% from their surfing earnings and 5% from their advertising purchases. Most importantly, You can have unlimited referrals.
You can also, buy referrals to increase your earnings from AdsBtc referral program.

Visit AdsBtc >  

BtcClicks Review in Brief

What is BTCClicks? It is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) website that can pay you for clicking and viewing ads in various forms like videos, banners & survey. Of course, If you are looking for good websites to earn an extra passive income in BTC, you should have already seen this website. In fact, most people wondering, is BTCClicks scam or legit? This is probably the most important & logical question to ask.

How To Earn with Top Btc PTC Sites like BtcClicks?

So, to assure you about the legality of the BTCClicks site, it's important to note that it has been on the top lists with the best crypto faucets websites for over few years.

In addition, you can visit other proven sites with the best BTC & crypto Airdrops recommended by

So, to answer this important question, we can easy say that, BTCClicks is a legit BTC PTC site. However, is BTCClicks worth sacrificing your time and effort? To find out, it's best to create an account on BTCclicks and check for yourself how many ads you need to display to get an impressive amount in BTC satoshi.

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