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Coinpot Faucets Tutorial – Get Free BTC on Highest Paying Faucet Sites

Coinpot Faucets - Get Free BTC Online

So, Hello Guys, Welcome to my Coinpot Faucets Tutorial. In other words this is tutorial about how to get free bitcoins online with highest paying faucet sites.

After reading the following content, the world of cryptocurrencies will become closer to you. You will learn How to Earn Free Bitcoin & Altcoins on this Amazing Platform like Coinpot.  

1In the first step, we will visit first popular faucet from the list below, which is call bitfun.

After logging in to BitFun Faucet, You can visit your CoinPot account from BitFun faucet. 

2 Go to Bitfun platform and click on ACCAUNT DETAILS

get free bitcoins online on bitfun

3 Click “GO TO Coinpot” TAB on Bit Fun website

go to coinpot faucets and get free bitcoins online

If You create Your account on bitfun, then You can use the same email address and password, when logging in to the coinpot platform.

Then use the faucet list below. On this coinpot faucets list You’ll find top paying faucet sites that working with coinpot with the same data, that you used when setting up an account for bitfun.

4 Install The Best Online Wallet for most popular cryptocurrencies Get Binance Wallet Now !

FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutReviewReferralTimeVisit
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00035 BTCcointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)25%60 min
Faucet Crypto
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00000500 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%40 min
Fire Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00030 BTC (4.4 / 5)20%30 min
Free Bitcoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%60 min
Free Litecoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00200 LTC (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpayNO (4.2 / 5)10% - 50%10% - 50%
Crypto Browser
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00001 BTC (4.1 / 5)Your Referral = 15% + Multilevel ref. %no time
All Coins
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00050 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Brave Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Brave Browser FaucetDirectno limitCoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)1 Ref = 5 - 50 BATno time
Lucky Fish
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.002 BTC (3.9 / 5)25%no time
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00030 BTCbitfun faucet review (5 / 5)50%5 min
Moon Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTCmoonbit faucet review (4.8 / 5)50%5 min
Bonus Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.7 / 5)50%15 min
Moon BCH
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BCH (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Litecoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00200 LTC (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Dash
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00020 DASH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Doge
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 50 DOGE (4.8 / 5)25%5 min

Here are more details on how to start using coinpot faucet list.

Are You ready to learn the secrets behind the coinpot platform? If so, try to persevere to the end of this coinpot faucets tutorial. In a moment You’ll find out complete blueprint of highest paying faucets.

You will learn how to effectively accumulate funds in a coinpot microwallet, and then multiply them by investing on the Binance Exchange.

Get free bitcoins Online from Highest Paying Faucet Sites  will be a lot simpler if you start using coinpot faucets.

What are Coinpot?

coinpot faucets to get free bitcoins onlineCoinpot is a microwallet,  where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. In addition, in this platform you can accumulate free btc and altcoins from various faucets that are linked to it.

You can earn with these faucets any time you want. In fact there are many top faucets sites that operate as coinpot faucets rotator on mobile devices.

What I do to earn free bitcoin and altcoins in very simple way?

I recently wrote an article titled: CoinPot Faucets Guide – Best Way To Use CoinPot Faucet Sites: The Bitcoin & Altcoin Faucet Experiment. The main question I get is how much can you make from coinpot? It’s a fair question. People want to know how much they can make before investing their time.

Coinpot Faucets Tutorial & Complete Blueprint.

What is the best way to use moon faucets or coinpot platfor in general? This question can be bothering some people or it can be very boring to others. Personally, I have been using the coinpot platform for two years and today I will show you some secrets about it in this coinpot faucets tutorial.

How To Get Free Bitcoins Online from Coinpot Moon Faucets in One Place?

So, what should You do to earn free bitcoins (BTC) or altcoins with Coinpot. First of all you have to create your own coinpot account. That is why, I invite you to take the first and most important step with the coinpot platform. 

However, I recommend visiting my brief coinpot faucets tutorial on how to properly join a coinpot platform.

So, If you are not interested in reading this coinpot tutorial, you can watch the video below. In this video I will show you a simple and quick strategy on how to earn free bitcoins online. You’ll also learn how to collect all the earnings from coinpot moon faucets in one place such as coinpot microwallet.

What You will learn from this video tutorial about Coinpot Highest Paying Faucet Sites?

  • How To Get free bitcoins & All Coins from Coinpot Faucets in One Place? (00:30s – 13:40s)
  • But How To Multiply Your Coinpot Earnings? – Best tricks on coinpot auto claim  (13:40s – 19:38s)
  • What is a Coinpot Token Lottery and How it Works? (19:38s – 21:00s)
  • How to Use Mining on Coinpot? (21:00s – 23:50s)
  • How to Secure Your Coinpot Faucets Account? (23:50s – 24:46s)

In fact, You have just created your own account on the coinpot – highest paying faucet sites platform. In sum Your account on coinpot have the same email address and the same password that you used on bitfun.

How To Multiply Coinpot Earnings to get free bitcoins online faster?

Since you already know how to earn free BTC with moon faucet list, let’s get to the other interesting lessons of this coinpot tutorial.
I mean here, some options for multiplying your earnings from highest paying faucet sites like coinpot.

However, let me warn you to use these options very carefully if you don’t want to lose all Your coins from coinpot faucets. I mean money you have earned from Highest Paying Faucet Sites.

I also warn You against multiply earnings tricks presented on most youtube videos & coinpot faucets tutorials. Usually, successes with coinpot lottery or multiplier are the result of many unsuccessful recording attempts.

So what You should do to get free bitcoins online in faster way? Answer to the question of how to earn free bitcoins fast, You’ll find below in this coinpot faucets tutorial.

Short Multiplier Coinpot Tutorial

At the beginning, You have to choose the multiplayer option in the upper left corner.

mulitiplayer coinpot tutorial to get free bitcoins online

Below you can see the multiplayer instructions after clicking.

You can also see the amount of collected tokens, that can be invested in coinpot multiplayer game.

get free bitcoins online - multiply coinpot faucets tutorial

If you want to have more coinpot tokens, you can convert your funds from each coinpot faucets. Just select which cryptocurrency you would like to exchange for coinpot tokens.

The screen below shows how to choose convert option for bitcoin (BTC).

coinpot tutorial for get free bitcoins online & convert it

Coinpot tutorial with Multiplier – Best tricks?

Now You can choose the game option in manual mode or in auto mode.

coinpot tutorial for auto claim to get free bitcoins online

However, You should have at least few thousands of tokens to use coinpot auto claim. But remember, that In Auto claim option You can easily lose your earnings from coinpot moon faucets or other highest paying faucet sites.

So in this coinpot tutorial I show You the safer way how to get free bitcoins online with multiplayer. Firstly, I show You manual option to multiply Your earnings from highest paying faucets.

1. First of all You have to choose, in which side You want to roll the number.

2. Then you have to choose how much you want to increase, the amount of tokens you want to play.

3. So, If You want start to roll, you have to specify your stake. In other words, you have to choose how much tokens you want to play for. I chose 10 tokens multiplied by two. So, Now You can push roll button.

get free bitcoins online with coinpot manual multipayer

You should know that, is quite high chance to win in coinpot faucets multiplier manual mode. However, the auto claim option to earn free bitcoins & altcoins is much more risky

If you want to learn how to use the coinpot auto claim option, I invite you to watch the video above (13:40s – 19:38s).

Coinpot Token Lottery

In, this part of our coinpot faucets tutorial let’s get look on the coinpot lottery option to get free bitcoins online.

coinpot faucets lottery to get free bitcoins online

That is to say, the lottery on coinpot seems very cool. Further, You’ve got some pretty basic instructions down here.

highest paying faucet sites - lottery get free bitcoins online

So, to enter in to the lottery, you have to buy some tickets with your coinpot tokens. For example, one lottery ticket cost one coinpot token.

get free bitcoins online on coinpot lottery

So, for each hour we play, there is a one winner. You can recive approximatly a 50 % of total prize. There are 5 runners up who can receive 10 % of total prize from highest paying faucets lottery.

Below You can see previous run results on coinpot lottery.

coinpot faucets tutorial - lottery prizes

Of course, you can exchange BTC or altcoins from highest paying faucet sites for get more coinpot tokens.
If you do this you will have more coinpot tokens to invest in coinpot lottery & earn free bitcoins faster.
Of course, the more tokens you put in coinpot faucets lottery, there is better chance you’ll win the highest reward.

Furthermore you can get free bitcoins online very quickly on coinpot lottery. However You have to know that at the same time you can lose more.

If you want to learn more about coinpot loterry, I invite you to watch the video above (19:38s – 21:00s).

Coinpot Mining tutorial & Review

Ok, so let’s explain now how coinpot mining option works.

For example, let say that coinpot faucets don’t give You enough money. Ofcourse You can use Your PC computer to mine some bitcoins or altcoins.

First, select your currency to get free bitcoins online with coinpot mining. Then, click mine bitcoin or mine litecoin from the dropdown menu.

Get free bitcoins online - coinpot tutorial of mining

You have to know that each miner works at the same way for each coin like BTC, LTC or Doge.

Furthermore, You can select on how much your cpu You want to use.

Finally I choose the medium value of mining.

Here, You can see my hash rate. This hash rate is kind of mining power.

highest paying faucet sites with mining

Personally, I don’t recommend choosing the highest mining power, If you don’t have a powerful processor. Otherwise Your computer will heat up very quickly.

Probably, in this way, new dogecoins satoshi will appear approximately every 5 minutes on your account. After that, You can stop the mining process on coinpot by pressing the pause mining button.

So now, let’s answer the question. Is it really worth to mine coins on the coinpot platform? I think it depends on how much free power of Your computer You can put in mining process.

Therefore, it is more profitable to accumulate Your funds using coinpot faucets, so I recommend this option.

If you want to learn more about coinpot mining, I invite you to watch the video above (21:00s – 23:50s).

Coinpot Challenges Review

In short this part will be more review than coinpot tutorial about challenges.

Coinpot Challenges is A NEW system offering lucrative winnings to get free bitcoins online. 

Most noteworthy Challenge system giving users more CoinPot tokens for completing different tasks. It could be daily, weekly and all-time tasks for which users earn stars.

These tasks concern the number of free bitcoin claims you make per day on coinpot faucets. You can also get points for your referrals claims or take part in coinpot lotteries and multiplier games. The more moves you or your referrals make on the coinpot faucets, the more coins you earn.

That is to say, You get stars for completing individual tasks. After earning a certain number of star points, you get coinpot tokens to your account.  Consequently, this tokens can be exchanged for for each of five CoinPot cryptocurrencies.

Consequently, Coinpot wants To encourage users to take on challenges. Therefore, CoinPot rewards the top 25 users with the most stars. Hence, You can get an additional 10 million coinpot tokkens for being among the best.

So, Below you can find how many stars you can get for using coinpot faucets.

highest paying faucet sites challenges

In short, you have already noticed that there are many ways to earn free bitcoins online with highest paying faucets.

Secure Your Coinpot Account

Firstly, Just follow a few simple steps to successfully secure your coinpot highest paying faucets account.

In fact Coinpot uses the 2FA code, to secure your account.
Probably 2FA is one of the most popular and secure option for the web accounts.

The first step is quick installation of the 2 factor AUTHENTICATOR APP from google on your mobile device.

Secondly, You have to select “Account details” in the upper right corner of your CoinPot panel.

2FA for coinpot Faucets tutorial and get free bitcoins online more secure

Thirdly, and most importantly, is to click on enable 2FA and scan Your QR code. In other words, You can scan 2FA QR code by your Google authenticator mobile app.

2FA on highest paying faucet sites

Therefore, 2FA option in your Coinpot administration panel is active.  Consequently, next time you log in, you’ll need to enter a six-digit code from the on your smartphone app.

coinpot faucets tutorial to get 2FA to earn free bitcoins more secure

So, If you want to learn more about securing coinpot account, I invite you to watch the video above (23:50s – 24:46s).

How to convert coinpot tokens?

So, In this part I will show you in detail how to exchange all altcoins for bitcoin (BTC).

Meanwhile, I would like to draw attention to most inportant thing about converting tokken from coinpot faucets.

To clarify, I mean choosing the right moment to convert coinpot tokkens for another altcoin. Referring to BTC, the best moment to convert is when the price of bitcoin drops down.

As a result, altcoins should be exchanged for BTC when their price increases faster. After that, we will get more free BTC from this exchange. In addition, we can wait for the BTC price to rise to re-buy altcoins at a lower price.

To sum up, the photo below shows the scheme for exchanging coinpot tokkens for BTC.

coinpot tutorial - convert tokens and earn free bitcoins

best way to convert tokens from coinpot tutorial to earn free bitcoins

However, If you want to learn more about convert Your coinpot tokkens, I invite you to watch the video below.

How to withdraw bitcoin from coinpot?

So, What new You’ll cover in this part of the coinpot faucets article. Firstly, I’ll show You how to withdraw BTC from coinpot.
Further, I going to show You how to move Your earnings from coinpot to Your Binance or hardware wallet.  

To clarify, I personally use Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. So, In my opinion Ledger Nano S wallet is most safe and secure device to get free bitcoins online.  In short, If You want to buy such a wallet, I recommand ledger nano S official website.

In addition, Ledger Nano S Wallet has a very extensive application to manage all bitcoins and altcoins.
To sum up, this app is called Ledger Live.

Firstly, you have to signed in on your Ledger Live. Further, you need to get your BTC address by clicking on the receive tab. 

How to withdraw BTC from coinpot Faucets to the Ledger Nano S wallet

How to send from coinpot faucets to Ledger nano S and get free bitcoins online

How to withdraw BTC from coinpot Faucets to the Binance online wallet

Similarly, You have to do the same thing, If You want to withdraw BTC from Coinpot to the Binance Online Wallet.

Choose deposit to send BTC from and earn free bitcoins - coinpot tutorial

After that, you have to find your BTC address on Binance wallet.
Meanwhile, copy your Bitcoin Address from Binance or Ledger wallet and go back to Coinpot Faucets.

copy Binance address to send BTC to the coinpot faucets

 So, now You have to click on “withdraw bitcoin” tab.

withdraw BTC from highest paying faucet sites

Above all, most importantly, is that Withdrawal from coinpot Faucets has to meet certain conditions.
1. Firstly, Your withdrawal request must be confirmed by clicking on the link that Coinpot will email to you.
2. Secondly, Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC (or 10,000 satoshi)
3. Thirdly, there is NO FEE for withdrawals!

4. Moreover, Withdrawal requests on Coinpot are processed and paid directly to your Ledger or Binance wallet within 48 hours.

Subsequently, paste your Ledger or Binance wallet Bitcoin address here:

withdraw from coinpot highest paying faucets and get free bitcoins online

To sum up, If you want to learn more about withdraw coinpot tokkens, I invite you to watch the video below.

How to promote Coinpot Faucets – tutorial

So, In this section of our coinpot tutorial, I will tell you a few secrets on how I promote the moon faucets. Further, I’ll show You my take profits strategy.  Above All, most importantly,  I’ll show You how to promote  highest paying faucets online with Your own btc affiliate website.

You’ll also see how to get free traffic to your coinpot affiliate website.
Moreover, I will explain how the coinpot referral system works and how to promote coinpot affiliate links.

In addition, You can see all this step by step by watching the video on how to promote highest paying faucet sites.

So, What You will learn from this video about promoting Coinpot Highest Paying Faucet Sites?

How to multiply your coinpot earnings on the binance exchange?

So, What You’ll learn on the last part of our coinpot highest paying faucets blueprint?

Firstly, You will learn how to transfer Your coinpot earnings from BTC wallet to the binance exchange.

I also show You how to use Your coinpot faucets earnings and trade them on Binance.

Secondly, We will use the Theter cryptocurrency for trading on the binance. That is to say, Theter (USDT) is a stable coin and reflects the value of the US dollar.

However, If You want know how use Binance Exchange step by step,  I invite you to watch the video below.

So, What You will learn from this part of my Coinpot Faucets video tutorial:

  • So, How To Trade in Binance in big short (00:30s – 01:35s)
  • Short way To Login on Binance (01:35s – 02:45s)
  • What is Fast Way To transfer coinpot earnings from Your hardware wallet to the Binance Exchange (02:45s – 06:30s)
  • How To Buy and sell BTC for USDT on binance (06:30s – 09:30s)
  • Easy way To setup Stop Loss on Binance. How To trade USDT on binance (09:30s – 11:10s)
  • What is best way to analyze the situation on the binance Exchange. How to use tradingview charts & indicators (11:10s – 12:43s)

What is bitcoin faucet?

In addition, You can check, how bitcoin faucets work in general. After that, You can convince your self that coinpot faucets are not scam.

In other words, Bitcoin faucets are websites on which you can earn small sums of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, The prizes are awarded to users who perform specific tasks on the coinpot account. Consequently, In the binance exchange for various tasks, users receive small parts of bitcoin (satoshi) or Litecoin (litoshi).

That is to say, The best example of highest paying faucet sites is the coinpot platform. To clarify, On coinpot you can collect rewards  in Bitcoin, Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Dash. In addition, all prizes are in just one coinpot microwallet.

In the same vein, Collecting all prizes in on just one coinpot platform is very beneficial.

For example, the biggest benefit is the ability to manage all acquired funds on cpoinot in a very simple way.

Similarly, another advantage is that, you can convert one cryptocurrency to another on the same coinpot platform.

Further, On the coinpot website you will also find many additional options. For instance there is a hourly lottery or multiplayer function.  

As a result, you can multiply your tokens. To sum up, Here are more details on how to start using coinpot faucets.

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