Cointiply Faucet Review – Take Free Bitcoins for Claim / PTC & Btc Games

cointiply faucet review

So, Welcome to my Cointiply Faucet Review, that show You how to take free bitcoins from auto claim. In addition, on faucet You can earn free coins from BTC games or bitcoin ptc sites.

After reading the following content, you will understand why cointiply faucet is on the list of highest paying faucets in google. You will learn How to Get Free Bitcoin on this amazing platform like cointiply faucet.


What is a cointiply or how does faucet really work. In this cointiply faucet review I’ll show You all the ways to earn free bitcoins and altcoins with faucet. You’ll also understand that cointiply is not just a regular faucet with an auto claim mode.

In other words, btc game or bitcoin ptc sites are another advantage of cointiply faucets. In addition You’ll learn how to promote cointiply faucet to get more free btc online much faster then ever.

1Firstly, we should to setup cointiply login to see cointily platform live.

Get a Login! Get a Login!

After logging in to Cointiply Faucet, You can visit your Coitiply account and click on dashboard tab. faucet dashboard

2 Secondly, click on Faucet tab

cointiply faucet

3 Moreover You can choose btc games or bitcoin PTC sites to get more free coins.

choose btc games or bitcoin PTC sites

What is Faucet?

what is faucet faucet is an improved version of the most popular site for earning free BTC which is freebitcoins. That is to say, Cointiply is improved and expanded with some additional modules such as bitcoin PTC sites and BTC games. In addition, cointiply faucets give you the option of claiming bitcoins for watching video ads.
To clarify, faucet appeared in February 2018 and has already withdrawn over $ 450,000 for 670000 users.

Cointiply faucet payment for BTC games & bitcoin PTC sites

But, how much free BTC, You can you get from cointiply website?  So, this question will be answered in the following parts of our Cointiply faucet review.

Top BTC Faucets Similar to Cointiply

Subsequently, You can use the faucet list below. In short this is a list of legit and highest paying faucets like cointiply.

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You can also read Binance wallet & Binance Exchange Review to get more info.

FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutReviewReferralTimerVisit
CoinPot 0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%5 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.8 / 5)50%5 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.7 / 5)50%15 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BCH (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 0.00200 LTC (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 0.00020 DASH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 50 DOGE (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
(Unassigned to a Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectlyFaucetHub0.00035 BTCcointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)25%60 min
Free Bitcoin
(Unassigned to a Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Directly0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%60 min
Free Litecoin
(Unassigned to a Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Directly0.00200 LTC (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
Free Bcash
(Unassigned to a Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Directly0.00020 BCH (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
Free Dogecoin
(Unassigned to a Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Directly50 DOGE (5 / 5)50%60 min

Here are more details on how to use the Highest Paying Faucet List above.

Cointiply Faucets in Details

Are You ready to get a closer look at the cointiply platform? After reading cointiply faucet review, you’ll discover the real opportunities to get fee bitcoins online.

Moreover You’ll learn how to earn fee bitcoins faster without investment. After that You’ll see how to multiply your coins, with cointiply multiplayer, Btc games or bitcoin PTC sites.

Take free BTC with one of the best bitcoin faucet website like cointiply.

In fact Cointiply really offers many faucets, not just one.

But what is the best way to use cointiply? Getting the answer to this question can be very profitable. Therefore, by reading this article you will learn how to use cointiply faucets to earn as much as possible. So Personally, I have been using the cointiply platform for one year. So, today I will show you some cool tricks about earning coins on cointiply.

Cointiply also offers many items to boost your earnings. However, to get these items you need CointiPoints to buy different Pods.

CointiPoints for Faucets btc games or bitcoin ptc sites

You can get CointiPoints for earning cointiply coins in various ways (e.g. claiming on the faucet, playing BTC video games, clicking PTC Ads, watching videos or completing offers).

Pods contain inventory and items that increase your earnings.

List in your Cointivity Profile shows many items available in Cointiply.

cointiply faucet items and pods for cointipoints

In my opinion, it’s best to gather a few items you need to get Collection Reward. If you activate the collected items at the same time, you can receive more coins for this Collection Reward.

cointiply faucets reward colletion

How To Take Free Bitcoins from Cointiply

In my opinion, the main difference on cointiply compared to other faucets are the additional options for getting coins. Therefore, in the next step I will present in detail how each option works on a cointiply.

  • 1. Free Bitcoin Faucet

So, by completing the Captcha code you can receive your contiply coins every hour. That is to say, most often you can hit 20 coins. However, depending on random luck, you can win between 18 and 100,000 coins. In addition, you can receive a multiplayer bonus (1x-2x). To clarify, remember that the minimum win amount increases if the BTC price drops. Therefore, the win rate in USD is still at the same level.

Below is the screen from cointiply to receive free coins for hourly draws. However, faucet is one of the least profitable options on cointiply.

take free bitcoins on cointiply faucet

Probably, the optimal way to increase your earnings from cointiply or other equally profitable faucets is to install the brave browser. Moreover, by setting cointiply as the homepage in the Brave browser, you can receive BAT tokens just for displaying it.

  • 2. BTC Games

So, Coitiply offers many games where you can win coins. For instance, this can be an ideal option for game fans who choose to play to kill boredom.

Unfortunately, you only earn when you play, so it’s not a very profitable option. However, if you play every day anyway, you will receive payment for the time spent on games.

BTC games option on coitiply faucets

In addition, by playing you can earn cointiply coins and then withdraw them in BTC to your wallet (e.g. Binance online wallet).
Moreover, Binance is a stock exchange so you can also trade your BTC there and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

Here is a complete guide on how to use Binance Exchange.

  • 3. Bitcoin Ptc Sites

These are Paid to click adverts. You will receive cointiply coins for watching these ads. You can get paid for watching around 10 ads a day, where you can get 8-30 Cointiply coins for watching one PTC ad. The duration of watching one advertisement from cointiply is 5-30 seconds. After clicking on the advert you will be redirected from the cointiply platform to the advertiser’s website.

bitcoin ptc sites on cointiply

In addition, Coitiply stopped using Frames to display bitcoin PTC sites. As a result, they can host many more ads on their server. However, the way cointiply presents ads has also changed because many sites do not allow using iFrame.

In other words, you must remember that when you open the ad in a new tab, you must keep it open for the required time. Too early a return to Cointiply, will cause a continuous countdown. However, after waiting for the required time, the CAPTCHA code will appear, which you must approve to receive free coins.

So, I hope that this coitiply faucet review gives You most important information about the cointiply platform.

  • 4. Offer Walls

In the offer wall section you can receive additional coins for completing various tasks. Some of these tasks require you to complete surveys and others, e.g. download and install the game on your mobile phone. You can find really well-paid offers on cointiply. However, You have to remember that not all offers are worth your valuable time. Therefore, to choose the best one, you should read the terms that apply to them.

cointiply review - take free bitcoins from many options

Overall, I think surveys are an easy way to get free coins online. As I mentioned above, Cointiply has a wide range of surveys in its offer. You can find surveys in the “Offer Walls” or “Complete Surveys” section. As you can see, Cointiply has cooperated with many survey providers, which is why the offer is very wide. That is to say, It may be frustrating for you to provide your private data to every supplier. However, if we show a little patience, you can get some free BTC from it.

cointiply review - offer walls

  • Watch videos

Cointiply platform also provides extensive video sections. In the “watch video” section you can earn btc from watching movies with a wide range of topics. A good way to earn is to display these movies on a separate screen. Therefore, you can also get free coins for not viewing them.

ointiply faucet review - earn btc for watching video

To sum up, I think You can take more free BTC from offer walls then from btc games.

  • 5. Cointiply Multiplayer

In the same vein like freebitcoin faucet in cointiply you can find multiplayer sections. First of all, multiplayer gives you the opportunity to multiply earned coins on cointiply. However, remember that using cointiply multiplayer you are at risk of losing previously earned funds.

That is to say, the multiplier earnings increases with the next game.

btc games cointiply review - cointiply multiplayer

For instance, the cointiply multiplier in the first round is 1.4, i.e. So, for placing 10 coins in the first round you can get 14 coins. In subsequent rounds, the multiplier increases by 1 until the fifth round, and then the multiplier is even greater.

You have to be lucky or be a gambler to bet a lot of coins in the cointiply multiplayer option.

Personally, I think the cointiply platform must always be a winer in multiplayer game. So, probably the chance of winning is greater if you hit the moment when many people lost. However, you never know when the chance to win is greater.

Is Cointiply Scam or Legit?

In conclusion, Cointiply is one of the best btc faucets to take free crypto coins online. In short, each of the options I tested are work flawlessly. That is to say, cointiply faucet is very universal and most importantly it gives the opportunity to invest earned funds.

There are also a lot of positive comments and cointiply reviews for this top btc faucet online.

To clarify, Cointiply faucet in one of the top ways to get free bitcoins from home.

To sum up, below this cointiply faucet review You can find proof of payment to the best btc online wallet.

cointiply faucet payment proof - cointiply review

What I do to earn free bitcoin and altcoins in very simple way?

I hope that my cointiply review is complete for You. However, this section will introduce you to even more highest paying faucets.

Furthermore, If you want to know best ways to take free BTC from faucets like Cointiply, read my complete Best BTC faucets guide.

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