How To Start Earn Free Bitcoins from faucets


Table of Contents

1. Create a bitcoin wallet    read more

2. Sign up    read more

3. Get your first 0.00030000 BTC   read more

4. How to transfer your BTC to the bitcoin wallet  read more

5. Exchange your first BTC on $ dollars  read more

6. Visit a page with the best faucet list and start earning more bitcoins  read more

1. How to Create first bitcoin wallet

If You want to create your wallet very fast and easy there is very simple method. First of all You can set up Your wallet on

But this method is good only for small amount of bitcoins. For bigger amount of bitcoins we prefer much safer wallet them blockchain. In our opinion this kind of wallet should by used, just for testing.

Every bitcoin owner should know, that security of your bitcoins is very important. If you don’t want your bitcoin accounts hacked and bitcoins stolen, You should choose a wallet that is easy and safe to use.

There are a many types of bitcoin wallets and they have varying security methods to guarantee the safety of private addresses in your wallet.

While searching for answers to the question: which is the most optimal wallet, we made a detailed comparison of many of them. Why did we choose exactly Electrum? Because this bitcoin wallet is: safe, free, easy to use  and quick to use. The information presented here applies to this version of Electrum (2.9).

Step-by-step guide on how to setup the electrum wallet on a Windows computer.

you can download wallet here.

Step 1 – Locate and download Electrum

Step 2 – Instaling the Electrum wallet

  • Now go ahead and open the downloaded .exe file and click yes.

  • Next you go and select where you want the program to be installed.

  • Once you have clicked on the install, and the installation is complete, please click the Close button.

Step 3 – Getting started with Electrum

  • Here you can choose if you want to create a new wallet or restore an old one.
  • If it is the first time you use the software, please select: “Create a new wallet” and “Standard wallet” and click next.

  • Here you see your recovery phrase. Please write this down right away.

Step 4 – Keeping your recovery phrase safe

  • A wallet recovery phrase, is an easy way to backup of your electrum wallet.
  • Please write down your seed on a piece of paper, and hide it in a safe place.
  • Don’t take a screenshot of this and Don’t write it down electronically on the PC running the electrum software.

Step 5 – Security and Connection

  • Here you will be asked to set a password for your wallet.
  • Here applies the general rules, that you should choose a strong password and Click Next

  • Next you will see a server connection question.
  • Here we recommend that you choose “Auto connect”.

  • You have now completed the setup phase and your wallet is ready to use.

If you want to transfer your bitcoin from another wallet to Electrum
Watch Tuttorial on How to change Multibit to Electrum Wallet

If You want to change to Electrum download it here

If you are already a happy owner of the wallet for bitcoin, you may overeat to the next step of our guide, about choosing a website for the collection  free bitcoins. In order to achieve the next step, just make a registration in

If you are still unsure which wallet is right for you, check out our guide on How to find Best Bitcoin Wallet

If you have your wallet for a long time we invite you to visit more places where you can rake in free coins.

2. How to Sign up 

For Sign Up for freebitcoin please click this link:

In the next step, watch the video below and follow the instructions which are placed in this video

As a result You are ready to earn some BTC, because in the next step we will show You how to do this. You can also visit other places where You can earn free bitcoin or litecoin. If You want to get more free coin just click this link

3. Get your first 0.00030000 BTC

Ok now Is time to earn some bitcoins for free. Just watch the video below and try to do this step by step. Of course You musn’t earn your btc in the same way like in the video. Other method is roll 200 satoshi every one hour.

In the next step, watch the video below and follow the instructions which are placed in this video

In the next step you will learn how to withdraw your bitcoins to your BTC wallet. Making deposits on this site is similar to how it is done with most other bitcoin betting sites. Deposits are from wallet to wallet. The Deposit/Withdrawal interface is under the Profile page. Deposits are credited after 1 confirmation.

4. How to transfer your BTC to the bitcoin wallet 

With the deposits, FreeBitco has a slightly different setup, albeit still under a wallet-to-wallet scheme. You can withdraw manually, you can have Auto Withdraw enabled, or you can use the Instant Withdraw option.

In the next step you will learn how to change your bitcoins into dollars or other currency which you are interested. This part of the guide will give you all the knowledge you need to pay out your digital currency.

When deciding how to sell your bitcoin, you first need to consider which method best suits your needs: selling bitcoin online or selling bitcoin in person. In the next step we will show You each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

5. Exchange your first BTC on $ dollars 

Selling bitcoin online is by far the more common way of trading your bitcoin. There are now three ways to go about selling bitcoin online.

1. The first way involves a direct trade with another person, an intermediary facilitating the connection.

2. The second way is through an online exchange, where your trade is with the exchange rather than another individual.

3. New peer-to-peer trading marketplaces that allow bitcoin owners to obtain discounted goods with their bitcoin via others that want to obtain the crypto-coins with credit/debit cards. The two groups are brought together to solve both problems in a kind of peer-to-peer exchange.

In this guide will be presented the first method

1. Direct trades: Websites that offer this type of selling structure include Coinbase and (these two will be presented in the guide), others are LocalBitcoins in the US, and BitBargain UK and Bittylicious in the UK. claims to be the easiest and most user-friendly exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform keeps up with anonymity, essential for Bitcoin, thus no documents are required for registration and trading.

Most of all users are free to choose various payment systems for deposits and withdrawals, such as OkPay, Egopay, Perfect Money, or use wire transfers. Watch STEP BY STEP, How to Easily Buy Bitcoin, How to change Bitcoin back to USD and withdraw from any ATM in the world

If You want to choose watch the video below and follow the instructions

In Our opinion is a fast, smart, simple and safe platform for trading digital cryptocurrencies and mining contracts. The company is officially registered in London, UK, and is aiming to be the most reliable and risk-free place for buying and selling Bitcoin.

In conclusion on Coinbase, you will usually have to register as a seller. This involves verifying your identity, which we will discuss again later.

Once you have registered, you can post an offer, signalling that you want to sell, and the website will alert you when a buyer wants to trade with you. From there, your interaction is solely with the buyer, but you use the website to complete your trade.

If You want to choose watch the video below and follow the instructions

So bitcoin users with bank accounts in the United States should consider using Coinbase, which have  many fans with their simplicity.

To make becoming a seller easier, it is worth at least considering completing the identity verification process when you first join the site. Getting this step out of the way can remove barriers to selling if and when you’re ready to make the move.

Let see How to setup an account at Coinbase and be able to buy bitcoin instantly using your Credit or Debit card.

In addition, you’ll have to pay a fee to use some exchanges. BTC-e charges a flat 0.2%. For overviews of what fees are charged by the various cyrptocurrency markets and what volumes are being traded.

Alternatively, you could use a pure cryptocurrency exchange to change bitcoin for another cryptocurrency.

6. Visit a page with the best faucet list in 2017 

Bitcoin faucets are always a good source of free bitcoin.

So we prepae some of the best paying faucets from many and listed in this page.

7 Golden Steps to earn free Bitcoin or Altcoins (Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin) from FAUCETS and collect/exchange all crypto earnings on just one Coinpot microwallet

1 SIGN UP on one of the best faucet (BitFun) from Coinpot microwallet   Join to SignUp

2 Go to Bitfun platform and click on ACCAUNT DETAILS

3 Click “GO TO Coinpot” TAB on Bit Fun website

4 Now you can create your account on the coinpot microwallet giving the same email address you used when registering to BitFun.

5 After creating an account in the coinpot microwallet, you can visit the rest of coinpot faucets listed on the coinpot faucets list below.

Important !!! You may not set up a coinpot account if you do not want to collect funds from all faucets on the list only on one coinpot microwallet. Then, choosing next faucets from the list below and just follow the first three steps of this manual.

6 Important !!! After selecting next faucet from the coinpot faucets list below, first enter the same email address you provided during the coinpot registrations.  Only then You will collect all earned cryptocurrencies on just one coinpot microcallet.

FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutReviewReferralTimeVisit
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00035 BTCcointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)25%60 min
Faucet Crypto
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00000500 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%40 min
Fire Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00030 BTC (4.4 / 5)20%30 min
Free Bitcoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%60 min
Free Litecoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00200 LTC (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpayNO (4.2 / 5)10% - 50%10% - 50%
Crypto Browser
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00001 BTC (4.1 / 5)Your Referral = 15% + Multilevel ref. %no time
All Coins
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00050 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Brave Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Brave Browser FaucetDirectno limitCoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)1 Ref = 5 - 50 BATno time
Lucky Fish
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.002 BTC (3.9 / 5)25%no time
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00030 BTCbitfun faucet review (5 / 5)50%5 min
Moon Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTCmoonbit faucet review (4.8 / 5)50%5 min
Bonus Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.7 / 5)50%15 min
Moon BCH
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BCH (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Litecoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00200 LTC (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Dash
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00020 DASH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Doge
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 50 DOGE (4.8 / 5)25%5 min

7 Now You are ready Collect bitcoin and altcoins on Coinpot microwallet.



What are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin Faucets or faucet bitcoin are websites, on which you are able to get free bitcoins (or any other cryptocoins). In general after you receive your bitcoins, for visiting the bitcoin faucets, you will need to wait some amount of time – often about 60 minutes – before being able to get more free bitcoins…

We want to present:

Claim Your Bitcoins From Best Faucet List


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