MultiCoin Faucets List 2019

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multicoin faucets

MultiCoin Micropayment Platform

Earn Free Bitcoin & Altcoins from many MultiCoin Faucets List 2019

Before you start, install The Best Online Wallet for most popular cryptocurrencies  Binance Wallet >

To use the coinpot microwallet please visit our website dedicated to coinpot faucets. For FaucetHub faucets, register on FaucetHub and then enter your desktop Wallet Address like Electrum. Therefore, below the multicoin faucets list 2019 is a user's guide on how to set up all crypto wallets.

FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutRatingReferralTimerVisit
BTC_address0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%60 min

0.00035 BTCcointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)25%60 min
Brave Faucet
Brave Browser FaucetDirectlyno limitCoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)1 Ref = 5 - 50 BAT15 min
Free Litecoin
LTC_address0.00200 LTC (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
Free Bcash
BCH_address0.00020 BCH (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
Directly0.0003 BTC (4.4 / 5)20%30 min
CoinPot 0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%5 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.8 / 5)50%5 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.7 / 5)50%15 min
CoinPot 0.00010 BCH (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 0.00020 DASH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 0.00200 LTC (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
CoinPot 50 DOGE (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
BTC Clicks
BTC_address0.0001 BTC (4.5 / 5)50%5 min

0.00000002 BCH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
BTC_address0.0001 BTC (4.5 / 5)50%5 min
FaucetHubManual (4.0 / 5)10%60 min
Big BTC Win
FaucetHubManual (4.0 / 5)20%5 min
FaucetHubManual (4.0 / 5)30%5 min

The best way of using Multicoin Faucets List 2019

In addition, below is a guide for easy using the Multicoin Faucet List 2019.

In this paragraph, you will learn step-by-step:

  Use the Coinpot microwallet.

  Setup your desktop BTC address on the electrum wallet.

  Use the Faucethub microwallet.

  Add your desktop BTC address to Faucethub account.

Moreover, you will be able to collect all the funds from multicoin faucets List 2019 on just few microwallets like Coinpot, Faucethub & Electrum.

Step 1

Setup Coinpot

 Before using any Multicoin Faucets List 2019, please setup your Coinpot  microwallet. 

Find out more about the best Coinpot settings here.

Step 2

Setup Wallet

 Before using any Multicoin Faucets List 2019, please setup your desktop Jaxx Wallet. 

You can also download Electrum BTC wallet. Try to use the Electrum Setup Guide.

Step 3

Setup FaucetHub

Before you start using the Multicoin Faucets List 2019, first set up your microwallet on Faucethub.

The following videos will show you how best to set up a faucethub account.

Step 4

Adding Addresses

Add Your BTC & altcoins addresses from Coinpot or Electrum wallet to Faucethub microwallet account.

The following videos will show you how to add BTC, LTC or other altcoin address to faucethub account.

Step 5

Explore Faucets

After creating an account in the Coinpot & Faucethub microwallets, you can visit the all of the multicoin faucets from the list.

Follow step two, If you want to transfer funds from coinpot and faucethub to your desktop Electrum wallet.

Step 6

Multiply Earnings

Multiply your earnings from multicoin faucet list by transfering it on binance treading platform.

The following paragraph provides general guidelines for investing on Binance Exchange Platform.

Setup Faucethub Account

Add BTC address to Faucethub

How To invest With Multicoin Faucet List Earnings

Multiply Your Faucets earnings by transfering it on binance treading platform.

 Register on Binance  Register Now !

 Complete the Sign-Up Process

 Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

 Go to the “Deposit” Page

 Select the Coin You Want to Deposit

 Transfer Your Coins from Coinpot microwallet to Binance deposit address

 In addition, read Our Tips & Tricks Beginners Guide to Binance Exchange



How To Earn More In The Short Term by Multiplying Profits From Faucets List 2020?

Now You can Multiply Your money earned on Coinpot faucet list in vary simple way ...

By clicking the image below you can register in the fastest growing Exchange platform on the cryptocurrency market.


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Multicoin Faucets Review 2019 

is an online Bitcoin faucet that enables investors the ability to earn bitcoins and participate in weekly lottery drawings. Therefore, Individuals who are looking to generate additional Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings are able solve captchas in order to accrue these earnings.

While the site doesn’t rely upon initial deposits to be performed by new registered users, members are able to deposit Satoshi into their platform to generate interest on their deposits.

Similarly, is a sister site of which is a well known free bitcoin faucet. As you might guess by the name of the faucet, is a faucet that gives away free Dogecoin for people who visit and claim free Doge coin by solving captchas withln the faucet.

For instance, it's been around for 3+ years by far. and 2.3OOOOO+ users have been registered to the date. So we all assume is the absolute best one or at least most known one to faucet users all around the internet.


is a faucet site. We can earn from here by Click on the roll. Firstly, earn Fee BCH Claim Every Hour. However, you can register with your email and BitcoinCash Address.

Secondly, you can earn more by play Hi-Lo game. If you are lucky then you can win 200$ click on the roll. So, it totally depends on Rolled Numbers. After thatminimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BCH.

Free Litecoin 

is the Litecoin faucet site. So, this site is simillar to Free-Bcash. We can earn minimum 1785 Litoshi from a claim. In other wordswe can be making a claim every hour to earn 0.00001785 LTC

Above all, there is no limitation for claim. So, we can win up to 200$ from a claim. Howeverminimum withdraw 0.002 LTC. ou can earn half of the money your Referee earns in freegame/freeroll.

Here are the proposals for various crypto-currency wallets:

Sign up and claim on every faucet with your Wallet Address. So, if you don't have one, register on: Jaxx (best wallet for all faucets cryptocurrencies), CoinbaseElectrumExodus or Blockchain and save your Wallet Address.