primecoin-faucet-list PrimeCoin (XPM) Faucet List 2019.

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Primecoin faucets Micropayment Platform

Earn Free Primecoin satoshi from many Primecoin Faucets 2019

If you don't have any Primecoin (XPM) cryptocurrency wallet yet, you can find a guide on crypto wallets topic by clicking the link below.

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FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutRatingReferralTimerVisit
FaucetHub0.0025 ZEC (4.5 / 5)20%240 min
FaucetHub0.0025 ZEC (4.2 / 5)20%3 min
FaucetHub0.0025 ZEC (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
FaucetHub0.0015 ZEC (4.2 / 5)15%5 min
Faucet Crypto
FaucetHub0.0015 ZEC (4.2 / 5)25%5 min
FaucetHub 0.002 ZEC (4.0 / 5)20%3 min
FaucetHub0.0025 ZEC (3.9 / 5)20%15 min

The best way of using Primecoin Faucet List 2019

In addition, below is a internal link to the guide for easy using the Primecoin Faucets 2019.

In this guide, you will learn step-by-step:

  Use the Coinpot & Faucethub microwallets.

  Setup your desktop electrum wallet with your BTC public addresses.

  Add your BTC & Altcoins address to Faucethub account.

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Moreover, you will be able to collect all the funds from best Primecoin Faucets on just few microwallets like Coinpot Faucethub.

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How To invest With Earnings from  Top Primecoin Faucet List 2019

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 Complete the Sign-Up Process

 Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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What are Primecoin Faucets



What Is Primecoin ?

Bitcoin is based on the PoW algorithm, managed by SHA-256. In 2013, Sunny King, the founder of Primecoin, decided to use the alternative to the SHA-256 algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to increase security in the blockchain network.

Primecoin (XPM) developers see many other advantages in it. In addition to the high level of network security, the primecoin token offers a special form of prime number strings, which can also be used for advanced mathematical calculations.

What's more, the Primecoin cryptocurrency network needs much less resources than bitcoins, which is why the primecoin network can do more work with the same computing power.

Primecoin aims to create a more efficient mining market while maintaining the required safety.

Future of Peercoin?

Primecoin is constantly looking for innovation, modernity and perfection.
Ultimately, XPM intends to create valuable cryptocurrencies and apply it in the real world. Primecoin aims to increase adaptation by easy access for users. The XPM foundation was also created, operating on the basis of non-profit organizations, volunteers and sponsors.

The XPM Foundation aims to support the community of this cryptocurrency and promote the ever-growing protocol. The Primecoin ecosystem is dynamically realizing the future of decentralization, engaging in innovative research of the base layer, preserving the legacy of the active consensus. The idea of ​​the XPM foundation will certainly contribute to the future of blockchain technology.


Competition of Peercoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is the biggest competition of Primecoin. The nature of Primecoin cryptocurrencies is comparable to Bitcoin. Unfortunately, mining bitcoin using computers is associated with various problems related to unprofitability. In a way, Primecoin enable launching the mining process with the help of an ordinary computer. 

In order to simplify the process of mining using PC computers, the Primecoin development team made the Primecoin sub-search server and made it available in the disk library. The XPM user can find this server under the name "Primecoin Minner", then he can clone the disk image and create his server.

After starting the virtual server, the mining procedure starts, which downloads the blockchain network block (it takes about 1 hour), after which the process starts automatically. When someone create the server and enter the SSH key, so that it will be installed correctly. You can also use the secret VNC key with WebbApp.

Primecoin Faucets in General

There are not so many faucets that enable free distribution of Primecoin (XPM) cryptocurrencies. There are few sites offering Primecoin cryptocurrencies in Jackpot lottery. Most popular website with XPM faucets platform is faucethub.

Firs of all, more advanced cryptocurrency users usually buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange (for example binance exchange) and also the converter on the coinpot faucets platform.

How To Make Money Online using Primecoin faucet

On different faucets, the time to get free Primecoin (XPM) is different. To start getting free money from XPM faucets you have to log in on Faucet site. Each Primecoin faucet has a reference system that allows you to earn 25% from each user who will take part in XPM lottery.

If you want to make a profit, you should take part in the referral system. However, getting referrals from faucets is relatively difficult because you have to start promoting referral links.There are many different tools thanks to which you can promote your reference links, such as facebook, twiter or youtube. Another way to promote it is to run your own wordpress website, where you will be sharing referral links.